Matt Daly has been teaching creative writing in workshops and residencies for twelve years. Along with the residency programs listed below, he is willing to work with schools and other organizations to develop creative writing experiences to fit their needs.

General Poetry Writing
Audiences: middle school to adult
Timeframe: 3-5 hours or class periods

Description: Matt’s poetry writing workshops emphasize writing. Although he does read published poems on his own and by other poets, he focuses his teaching on strategies for gathering ideas and images and then using what is gathered to make poems. Initial lessons focus on descriptive language, language with rhythm, and individual voice. Once students have written material to work with, Matt introduces poetic forms and structures to aid in developing complete poems from the material written in early lessons. Workshops end in supportive poetry readings in which all participants share their work. Participants of general poetry writing workshops need have no experience with poetry

Poetry Writing in Nature
Audiences: middle school to adult
Timeframe: 3-5 hours or class periods

Description: Matt’s poetry writing in nature workshops focus on translating each individual’s experience of the natural world and its meaning in a person’s life into evocative poetry. Participants explore their sensory experience of nature, develop natural rhythms to their writing through movement, and compose letters about their experience. Matt then shows participants how to use these writings and the raw material from which poems emerge. Workshops culminate in an outdoor poetry reading in which all participants share their work.

Flash Fiction from Photographs
Audiences: middle and high school
Timeframe: 2-4 hours or class periods

Description: Matt first shows students how to look at a photograph closely and to gather information useful for a short, energetic story. Students then choose photographs (local historical photographs work well) and gather ideas. Matt then gives tips on developing the key elements of a very short story (less than 500 words). Students are given just an hour to ninety minutes to write their stories. This often allows a vibrancy and uniqueness to emerge in the writing of even the least confident students. Matt has coordinated a writing contest based on this workshop and can give advice to teachers on how to create their own contest and culminating event.

Individual Consultations
Matt can also serve as an individual consultant to provide constructive feedback for writers of poetry and prose. Contact Matt for details on how to arrange.



Waiting for the Magpie
(Silver Birch Press)

At a Certain Depth of Water
(Clerestory, Spring 2015)

Three Poems
(Clerestory, December Special Issue)

(Clerestory, Issue 1)

A Place For Stories
(Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma)

Trials of a Bird Watcher
(The Cortland Review, Issue 60)

Independence Day
(Open Window Review)

Apex Predator
(Open Window Review)

Outside Eden, Wyoming
(The Owen Wister Review)

On Fishing
(The Owen Wister Review)


“From the moment that Matt arrived at our school and started working with our students, he had all of them instantly engaged and ready to learn about writing poetry. As middle school English teachers, we were impressed with his ability to quickly form a rapport with all students, and his ability to capture the students’ attention in regards to writing original works. Matt serves as a role model for all students by sharing his own poetry, and demonstrating how to write different poetic forms.”
Erica Parker & Jeramie Prine, Sixth grade Language Arts teachers, Lander Middle School, Lander, WY

“It is indicative of Matt’s successful work with student that many teachers want him back every year. Teachers often comment that with Matt in the classroom they know their students will learn more about creative writing and have fun doing so.”
Marylee White, Former Executive Director, pARTners, Jackson, WY

“Matt has a wonderful rapport with teachers and students. Students trust him and we have many instances of students who are struggling opening up and taking more risk in their writing. The residency is easily incorporated into the curriculum and helps teachers meet state standards. One student, who participated in a student focus group, summed up the residency, “Who knew poetry could be fun?”
Dana Tully, former Executive Director, Pinedale Fine Arts Council, Pinedale, WY.

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